Author: Riccardo Miotto
Publisher: Distanz
Language: English / Italian
Pages: 64
Size: 23 x 27 cm
Weight: 500 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783954765058
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Price: €28.00
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Product Description

“These tents tell of a hypothetical land, mental yet plausible, which one might even fall into by accident, like a sinkhole of which the depth is unknown (...) In these pages, objects that symbolise freedom, movement, the possible crossing of the planet, but also exiles and exoduses, figures of crisis and war here dance alone, escaping pigeonholing and stigma, relaunching possible associations but ones not dependent on the observer.”

Riccardo Miotto (b. 1982 in Treviso; lives and works between Treviso and Venice) studied architecture at the Iuav University of Venice. He participated in the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale, and his graphic work deals with built structures. His graphic gestures are overtly two-dimensional and emphasize how the form created in the mind’s eye is only possible and present when an imaginary tension is generated. Miotto’s Tents tell of a hypothetical land, imaginary yet plausible, one that viewers might fall into, like a sinkhole of unfathomable depths. A space in-between, full of matter.