Author: Edition Furor (Eds.)
Publisher: Edition Furor
Language: English
Size: 22.5 x 32
Weight: 842 g
Binding: Hardcover
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Product Description

The TALISMAN includes a collection of body stick tattoos of more than 70 international positions contributing with artistic, poetic and literary art works. The form of the book resembles a stamp album and sustains the character of an individual collection which as well operates as a contemporary document.

12 pages with 80 skin tattoos different sizes
Hardcover, 22 x 32 cm
Graphic Design by Beureu-P
Made by Bekros in Brno, CZ
Published by Edition Furor 2017
numbered edition of 250

Participating artists

Roman Achitz, AT
Kurdwin Ayub, IRQ/AT
Karolin Back, GER
Agnieszka Baginska, AT/PL
Mariola Brillowska, GER/PL
Claudia Apel, GER
Ida-Marie Corell, GER
Stephan Dill, GER
Michael Dörner & Maria Wende, GER
Hélène van Duijne, AT
Eugen El, BY/GER
Cornelia Enderlein, GER
Mert Esirci, TR
Maximilian Eulitz, GER
Roland Gätzschmann, GER
Gelatin, AT
Graw BöckIer, GER
Norman Hildebrandt, GER
Barbara Höller, AT
Hatschepsut Huss, AT
Miriam Jonas, GER
Aaron Klamp, GER
Andi Klotz, AT
Susanne Köhler, GER
Steven Kohlstock, GER
Helena Kotnik, ESP
Charlet Kugel, FR/RUS
Ruth Labak, AT
Adriana Lara, MEX
Xenia Lesniewski, GER/PL
Nana Mandl, AT
Boris Manner, AT
Michail Michailov, AT/BGR
Julie Monaco, AT
Rachel von Morgenstern, GER
Crystin Moritz, GER
Ina Perog, GER
Solaris Ortega, MEX/US
Fabian Patzak, AT
Rose Pacult, US
Matthias Peyker, AT
Konrad Prissnitz, AT
Giulia Ricci, IT/UK
Maximilian Rödel, GER
Andreas Rohrbach, GER
Nadine Röther, GER
Julia Rublow, UA
Rekerb Sauer, GER
Jessica Schäfer, GER
Simon Schäfer & Eva Becker, GER
Isabelle von Schilcher, GER
Ferdinand Schmatz, AT
Hanno Schnegg, AT
Marcus Sendlinger, GER
Ronja Stahl, AT
Ivonne Stark, AT
Sarah Sternat, AT
Jan Stradtmann, GER
Sylvester, AT
Simon Veres, AT
Zeljko Vidovic, BA
Salvatore Viviano, IT
Marcel Walldorf, GER
PhiIipp von Wangenheim, GER
Michael Wegerer, AT/UK
Niki Weitzer, AT
Daniel Wind, GER/AT
Hendrik Wolking, GER