Author: Ahmad Makia, Raja’a Khalid, Mahan Moalemi (Eds.)
Publisher: ZIGG
Language: English
Pages: 16
Size: 29 x 37 cm
Weight: 68 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

A collaborative zine that explored sexuality and irregularity. It published a conversation between Ahmad Makia and Raja’a Khalid and an interaction between Ahmad Makia and Mahan Moalemi. With Khalid, the conversation discussed bodywork: fitness, work, and the male psyche, ie, masculinity, meanwhile, with Moalemi, the interaction explored ‘outerworks’, Gulf-leaning spatial-making, imaging, and imagining. Both conversations were rooted in the Gulf experience, and physically conducted on Perso-Arab Gulf terrains.

ZIGG is a publishing association engaged in critical thinking from Dubai. It circulates amorphous aesthetics, printed matters, and promotes the disciplinary blurring between sex, media, earth matter, magic, and politics.