Author: Jule Flierl
Publisher: Jule Flierl
Language: English
Size: 15 x 21 cm
Weight: 184 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €6.00
Product Description

​“Störlaut” is the limited edition publication accompanying contemporary choreographer Jule Flierl’s performance work of the same name. The topic is “Sound Dance,” a radical concept first manifested in Europe in the 1920’s by avantgarde artist Valeska Gert. Gert’s confrontational, feminist practice depicted a de-romanticized and grotesque woman, disturbing feminine codes through her performativity. Her use of vocalization helped found a new genre of dance: dancing with the voice. Jule Flierl’s 2018 choreographic piece intersects and dialogues with the late artist’s work, furthering the seldom-discussed history of vocal dance in conversation with its past.

The publication contains working materials for the performance, an interview with Flierl on sound dance in contemporary performance, and an original essay by historian Luise Meier on the relation between Gert’s sound dances and the feminist practices of the Weimar Republic, as well as the impact of vocal dance on the presence of the female voice in the public sphere.

Book design by Caroline Böttcher.