Author: Markus Ziegler
Size: 32.8 x 46 cm
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Product Description

“Stillness” is a collection of spontaneous images using sculpture and architecture as subject matter.

Shot across a 12 year span while working in the fashion industry, these pictures were born from a need to slow down and find a personal voice.

Without any preconceived concepts, light and form were allowed to tell whatever story they wanted. In the same way, each viewer has the freedom to assume a new meaning to each of these photographs.

Markus Ziegler was born in Heidelberg in 1981 and is both of German and Mexican background. He graduated from photography school in London in 2003 where he pursued his interest in architecture through the camera. He currently lives in the mountains of Southern California with his family.

First edition of 100, 2022
Numbered and signed by the author