Ștefan Sava - Artist Book

Ștefan Sava - Artist Book
Author: Diana Ursan (Ed.)
Publisher: Ivan Gallery
Language: English - Romanian
Pages: 168
Size: 20 x 15 cm
Weight: 0 g
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9789730223941
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Price: €19.50
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Product Description

Ștefan Sava—Artist Book is the first publication to gather and convey Ștefan Sava’s artistic endeavour from its inception to present day. Conceived by the artist according to his own (self)representational choosing, the structure of the book closely follows the logic of his complex projects, which succeed coherently in time and materialise in space into temporary exhibitions. The many dimensions of these transient experiences—concept, discourse, image, thing, space, time—benefit from the most well‑suited archiving and presentation inside an artist book, which functions both as artistic documentation and artwork in itself.
(Diana Ursan)
The artist suspends his actions, objects and installations between silence and testimony, conducting a kind of alternative archaeology of the collective memory by prying out presences that signal absence, or absences that wield a presence. When this play of presence and absence is applied to bodies, it automatically extends to the histories inscribed upon those bodies, allowing the artist to question the limits to which any body can hold its own history, or, for that matter, the extent to which any history – trauma, in particular – can ever be articulated.
(Kate Sutton)