The Funambulist #40 – The Land...

The Funambulist #40 – The Land...
Author: Léopold Lambert (Ed.)
Publisher: The Funambulist
Language: English
Pages: 80
Size: 21 x 25 cm
Weight: 200 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9772430218409
Price: €13.00
Product Description

The Funambulist #40 – "The Land… From Settler Colonial Property to LANDBACK" (Mar-Apr. 2022)

After an issue on the Ocean and, at a moment of time when the verb “decolonizing” has been emptied of its meaning by many, we have at the heart of this issue, an interest to resituate land as the primary object of the decolonizing struggle.

We begin the issue by trying to understand the cogs of settler colonial land dispossession and the European concept of private (settler) property in Australia, British Columbia, and Palestine (Brenna Bhandar), before moving to visions of LANDBACK and political strategies to re-assert Indigenous sovereignties in contexts as different as Kenya (Rose Miyonga), Ecuador (Ana María León), Alaska (Jen Rose Smith), South Africa (Tshepo Madlingozi), the Caribbean (WAI Architecture Think Tank), and Turtle Island (Alyosha Goldstein & Julia Bernal). The issue is punctuated with poems in Arabic, Spanish, and English (Moen Bseiso & Jehan Bseiso, Daniela Catrileo, and Tanaya Winder) and artworks (Lynda Handala, Cameron Rowland, and Aly McKnight).

This issue’s News from the Fronts tackles the ongoing movement against the military rule in Sudan (Ola Hassanain), the Pakistani state’s kidnapping of Baloch individuals (Fatima Anwar), and the search for feminist Yiddish publications (Maya Ober).