Spectral Days

Spectral Days
Author: Setareh Shahbazi
Publisher: Setareh Shahbazi
Language: English
Weight: 300 g
Binding: Hardcover
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Product Description

Spectral Days by Setareh Shahbazi

Setareh Shahbazi was born in Tehran in 1978. She moved to Germany in 1985, leaving behind a swimming pool, a garden and all family photographs. After studying Scenography and Media Art at the State University for Art and Design in Karlsruhe, she traveled to Beirut in 2003 with a scholarship from the DAAD to look through other peoples photographic archives at the Arab Image Foundation.

In 2009 Setareh Shahbazi moved to Beirut with a box of photographs from Tehran. There she got into a close conversation with her neighbour Mirene Arsanios, who is a writer based in Beirut.