Sorrow / Jubilance Pt. 1

Sorrow / Jubilance Pt. 1
Author: Swill Children
Publisher: Swill Children
Language: English
Size: 19 x 28,5 cm
Weight: 70 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €12.00
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Product Description

Lucky Dragons' track We Lost is a hauntingly meditative piece that is at once nostalgic and fearful.
Weekend's (aka Jason John Wurm) Squawk juxtaposes field recordings of birds with sharp, hypnotic beat, culminating in a manner one could almost consider Caribbean.

/Sorrow | Jubliance is a series of three splits curated by Jesse Hlebo addressing the themes of sorrow and jubilance.
Each record is in an edition of 333, are all cyan colored vinyl with custom printed covers (each will be different in some manner)

With music by:
Lucky Dragons/Weekend
Okie Dokie/Nu Sensae
Ty Segall/Mikal Cronin