Shadow Phase (LP)

Shadow Phase (LP)
Author: Peter Knight
Publisher: Room40
Size: 31.5 x 31.5 cm
Weight: 500 g
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Product Description

Aussie trumpet player, composer and sound artist Peter Knight dissolves jazz and classical elements into a low-light requiem on “Shadow Phase”, harmonizing well with music from Arve Henriksen, Leila Abdul-Rauf and Angelo Badalamenti.

Described by Knight as a “meditation on the nature of connection”, “Shadow Phase” was created during Australia's strict 2020 lockdown, when residents of Melbourne/Narrm were restricted to a small 5km zone. During this period, Knight connected with his friend and teacher Ania Walwicz, who passed away later that year. This provoked the composer to consider Walwicz's process, which was created in dream states, attempting to find resonant words from the subconscious. It's interesting then that “Shadow Phase” is an instrumental album, relying on trumpet, synthesizer, harmonium and Revox reel-to-reel sounds to convey the mood.

Knight's trumpet parts are most impressive, and his loops - distorted with pedals and plugin chains, and saturated by 1/4" tape - form illusory clouds of lilting melancholy. Its an album that fits neatly on Room40, alongside evocative cinematic music from Rafael Anton Irisarri and dreamworld experimentation from Madeleine Cocolas.