Author: Schlichthäuser (collective), Zwek
Publisher: LA 54 collective
Language: English, German
Pages: 92
Size: 19 x 26 cm
Weight: 520 g
Binding: Hardcover
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Product Description

The project Schlichthouses is a social, political and collective art project initiated by the artist Zwek in collaboration with ten artists: Kito Colchester (building), Sam Bardsley (photography), Ignatz Bee (performance), Ángeles Alarcón (performance), Beat Gipp (performance), G.A. Beckmann (text, performance), Knife Knightbusch (performance), Christopher Ramm (performance), Gustav Janata (performance), Emilie Kleinschmidt (media), Merle Heinrich (production), Lydia Leerstelle (film), Herbalists Without Borders (tea and tinktures) and Vagabon Congress (exhibition).

From Kotti we spread out and talked to people who live on the street directly to ask them if they wanted to have a house built. The Oase, a house on wheels, was therefore situated on Kottbusser Tor with the aim to have a 24 hour meeting station and physical communication space.

Over the course of one month 10 house have been built, 6 performances took place, 2 exhibitions and a couple of times tea, tinctures and survival kits were given out. Zwek lived on Kottbusser Tor in the Oase during January 2021, for the duration of the project.

It is an attempt to poetically and practically create a better reality via the nomadic life between the systems.