Rivista Apparente 2 Judith Hopf's class, CREMA DI MENTE

Rivista Apparente 2 Judith Hopf's class, CREMA DI MENTE
Author: Anna Haas
Publisher: Judith Hopf (ed.) & Anna Haas (ed.), Corrado Folinea (ed.)
Language: English-Italian
Pages: 104
Size: 10.8 × 17.8
Weight: 114 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €14.00
Product Description

Rivista Apparente is a publication project initiated by Anna Haas and Museo Apparente, a small exhibition space in the center of Napoli.

Rivista Apparente is a well curated, carefully designed and edited series of pocket books.
Each of the booklets is released in addition to a show at Museo Apparente, but appears —
like the name suggests — after the exhibition.
The goal is to provide a second look at the exhibitions and the possibility to enlarge the exceptionally
small exhibition space (3×5m). In order to do so, the publications contain, mainly additional material to the exhibition and intends to give further background information, research material, texts, notes and thoughts to the exhibited work.

The published material is collected and edited in conjunction with the artist(s), Corrado Folinea and Anna Haas.