Renaissance - Vol. 7

Renaissance - Vol. 7
Author: Lodown Magazine
Publisher: Lodown Magazine
Language: English
Pages: 138
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What remained of the idea of Humanism in our days and age? Are we heading towards another intellectual awakening or should we better abandon all hope immediately? Originally associated with the cultural movement in Italy in the late Medieval period, we'll twist and turn this particular term up to the point where settled definitions start to crumble in order to reveal a rather abstract concept. This undermining is an assault to your senses. Renaissance is our dogma for this year's annual art compendium. Its theme should be erratically taken, a profound platonic adaptation to zeitgeist. We are not trying to explain but to entertain you pick your draft hacking this library. It's a show - the surface is so deep as rhizomes shape-shift right in front of you. It's an ode to the renaissance! An unauthorized collection of images build into this frame.

Leonardo Da Vinci
interpretations of the Homo Vitruvianus
Henrik Vibskov
The Renaissance Of The Real
Wim Delvoye
MetaModernist Manifesto
African Renaissance
Bernhard Willhelm
The Legend Of Faust (and hIs reference to the contemporary)
David Brown
Jen Lewis
Nicola Verlato
Yoo Hyun
Roger Ballen
The Black Death (and the rebirth of human spirit)
Did William Shakespeare affect the Renaissance?
Marco Battaglini
Charles Avery
Naomi Kashiwagi
Terry Rodgers
Zoro Feigl