Questioning Questions Script # 1 : Office X

Questioning Questions Script # 1 : Office X
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Publisher: Domain X Gallery
Language: English
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Product Description

Office X was calling for submissions for the virtual exhibition space at As a bureaucratic element of the Domain X Gallery, Office X
opened its doors at the gallery space of Staycation Museum for one week (Monday April 29th till Friday, May 3rd 2013. Opening hours: 10:00 - 20:00h). By exposing the online Domain X Gallery in the offline Staycation Museum gallery space, we asked ourselves: How is a Gallery in a Gallery an Exhibition?

Office X is the first offline exhibition of Domain X, where the questions are reflected which we are facing while setting up our online Gallery. In the form of an offline office space where contributors could meet and react, we are questioning questions. Office X continued thinking about the terms Office X, exhibiting, gallery, space / place, public / publishing, virtual / physical.

The Domain X Team positioned itself behind the Office X desk, and provided a visual / theoretical wall-installation for the visitors, which tried to support the submissions. Each question on the form had a number, and were related to a number-system on the wall.
Office X formulated more question-questions and questions to answers, in combination with visual and written elements from i.a. the 'Domain X Archive'. The Domain X Team worked every working day on the wall-installation, and developed this catalog in the course
of the week.