Queer Queens Prayer Cards

Queer Queens Prayer Cards
Author: Eloise Leigh
Publisher: New Age Rage
Language: English
Pages: 4 cards
Size: 5.5 x 8 cm
Weight: 30 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €5.00
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Product Description

Prayer cards or holy cards are traditionally used in the Christian faith, depicting different patron saints and prayers or scriptures for strength and motivation. They can be used for decorating altars and shrines, given as gifts, and are often carried in wallets for good luck and protection.

Updated with a modern twist, these cards focus on four “queer queens” in LGBTQIA+ history who challenged gender stereotypes and made the ultimate saintworthy sacrifice of daring to be out and proud up until their untimely deaths during the tragic HIV/AIDS era:

DIVINE was the legendary drag queen persona of gay actor Harris Glenn Milstead, most famous for his roles in the subversive, countercultural films of John Waters, making unabashed trash and filth great again.

SYLVESTER was a gay, Black, disco phenomenon, representing intersectional queer culture in the music mainstream with flamboyant, unapologetic drag personas and positivity.

KLAUS NOMI was a visionary avant-garde, theatrical, New Wave, operatic singer with an otherworldly, non-binary drag persona defying definition.

MARSHA "PAY IT NO MIND" JOHNSON was a gay liberation activist and Black Trans drag queen who regularly risked death through sex work for survival, led radical protests for gay rights, and helped establish STAR, a support collective for gay trans youth.


> Risoprinted in Black and Fluorescent Pink ink on 300gsm Munken White cardstock by Drucken3000 (drucken3000.de)
> Size of each card: 55 x 80 mm
> Double-sided with portrait on front, "prayer" inspirational quote on back