Author: Inga Knölke
Publisher: Wanderer
Language: English / German
Pages: 252
Size: 27 x 23
Weight: 777 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9783000593536
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Price: €43.00
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Product Description

To Have Gotten Lost: After having spent one week in Italy at three different locations, I returned to my second home and got lost in my third, with insufficient battery in my mobile and totally at a loss following the GPS. I didn't know where north was anymore, and at the hill in the stones, which I had photographed earlier–– due to Han's statement about stones and their unhealthy impenetrability ––my orientation was off. At first I met a sheep that had escaped, and almost envied it for being fence-free, its urge for liberty.

Quagga describes my method of interacting with images: associative and poetic.

One motif becomes the next, creating wastelands-collage. Inner monologues and dialogue attempts arise.

The image groups are opened but at the same time they deal with specific topics. The limits dissolve by accumulation. The composition is at the service of its own development.

It exists a thematic network of terms, which can be used as an instrument to visualize the images. The mere appearance, the night with its dark voids, excitations and emotions, loneliness, distrust, but also empathy, silence, reiteration and routine and a plea for the uncertain and the opened.

Inga Knölke, 6.2018