S S S S – Walls, Corridors, Baffles (vinyl)

S S S S – Walls, Corridors, Baffles (vinyl)
Author: S S S S
Publisher: Präsens Editionen
Language: English
Weight: 355 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

Walls, Corridors, Baffles is the debut album of Swiss musician and producer Samuel Savenberg aka S S S S. Following various releases on Haunter Records, Aufnahme+Wiedergabe, and Lux Records, the LP tries to find an approach to an artistic expression beyond tropes of darkness, harshness, and excess.

Thus, the aesthetic of Walls, Corridors, Baffles is radically and uncompromisingly sober. Instead of focusing on a conceptual or symbolic treatment of sound as an abstraction, Savenberg emphasizes its materiality. The album consists of eight pieces strung together into a manifesto which calls for a febrile embrace of an unheard-of, intense sobriety.

Walls, Corridors, Baffles is available as a vinyl LP and digitally.

Format: Vinyl (12″) / digital
Edition: 300

Music composed by Samuel Savenberg
Additional drumming & percussion by Dominik Bienz

Ikebana designed by Han Le Han, shot by Remy Ugarte. Cover design by Kaj Lehmann.

Supported by Pro Helvetia, Schweizer Kulturstiftung; FUKA Fonds Luzern and RKK Luzern.