zingmagazine #9

zingmagazine #9
Author: Devon Dikeou
Publisher: zingmagazine
Language: English
Size: 21.9 x 28 cm
Weight: 670 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €50.00
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Product Description

Editor's Note

Pow. On the edge of their seats to get the picture. The “picture” is the ninth issue and Winchell doesn’t quite know what the formula should be. Pastor knocked out Nestell; now that’s got to have been a memorable fight, some “rumble in the jungle,” “ear-biting” et al. These guys’ names are familiar. Yeah, right. “I just shoot them,” Winchell declares and he “hope[s] to improve.” Names and no-names, zingmagazine has both, and it “shoots” and “pins” down a whole new issue featuring on its cover the musings of the man who delivered his radio gossip show in his boxers and was known as one of the greatest phrase-mongers of the twentieth century. And why not? Among other things, Simon & Simon is back on the air and catching all the art thieves and fraudulent computerized dating services on San Diego’s early ’80s mean streets. And boy do AJ and Rick know how to employ, and I do mean employ, “Girl Fridays.” I guess tomorrow the episode might have some divorce scandal so I can appreciate Winchell’s “Under Construction,” or “Middle-Aisle,” much less “Making Whoopie.” Wait, we just got it via Ted Turner: Robert Mitchum to a young Angie Dickinson: “Well, are you going to take your clothes off or am I going to take them off for you?” Until then, zingmagazine number nine and Lewis Carroll’s “A Long Tale.”

Devon Dikeou