zingmagazine #8

zingmagazine #8
Author: Devon Dikeou
Publisher: zingmagazine
Language: English
Size: 21.9 x 28 cm
Weight: 670 g
Binding: Softcover
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Product Description

Editor's Note

Volume. zingmagazine is about volume. Loud, thick, soft, not slick: quantity. When is there not enough? ADD of the ’90s. Never enough and how to discern. We are all screening something, or is it surfing something. All the TV channels changed today—I woke up to the Fox family network drone of cartoons rather than Quincy, M.E. on A&E (and yes there really is a difference). Among other things, I guess our president won’t be expelled thanks to that oh so rational Senate. Old school is the new new. Volkswagen has brought back the bug—Drivers wanted. “Blue Monday” is now top 10 of the viewer’s choice on MTV, something it never was as a New Order single. And how can we forget about Limp Bizkit’s reintroduction of “Faith”. A new definition of Pop. Forget any of this representing what happens to be the parameter of the times—no way. We know its all up to the pollsters: USA vote. So another issue of zingmagazine, another set of “curatorial crossings”—screen what you want, or float with us on the net. This time we experience (Géraldine just told me about experience being misspelled, and put that accent in her name) people, Virgil Thomson to be exact, screening phone calls. And we all know zingmagazine is very good at screening. Excuses. Unisys’s annual report gets the cover this time, my favorite, Marguerite Duras, gets the last word: “Yes, one always forgets. An affair. A story. As in ‘writing a story,’ a love story, in a novel. But there’s a crucial difference that makes it into a book.”

—Blue Eyes, Black Hair

Devon Dikeou