Kept Refem

Kept Refem
Author: Töria
Publisher: YGAM
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Pages: -
Size: 11.5x 8 cm
Weight: 40 g
Binding: Hardcover
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Product Description


Dedicated to the exploration of a contemporary soundscape, 'Kept Refem' is an intense two­-parts sonic reminiscence of Töria’s relationship to industrial landscapes. The Brazilian artist, whose work and musical research have been shaped by her constant observation of surrounding noises, proposes an investigation of an abstract space where the machinery of the unknown sounds that unfolds before us develops a subtle and complex scenery. Composed of distorted and stretched mixtures of drones, with an emphasis on the low end, and delicate rhythmical presence, 'Kept Refem' is a haunting and textured blending of several musical genres, that plays with the notion of tension to unveil a peculiar noisy landscape for the audience to hear and see.