Extase Morose

Extase Morose
Author: Brg
Publisher: YGAM
Language: -
Pages: -
Size: 11.5x 8 cm
Weight: 400 g
Binding: Hardcover
Price: €7.00
Product Description

YGAM presents “Extase Morose”, brg‘s new full-length album, a scream against the world’s violence with noise as a tool of expression.

Half of the duo Magnétisme Animal and documentary film director, brg shares his experience of a journey through the griefs of an era, filtered through the prism of a constant and powerful distortion. By pushing the limits of the machine to grasp contemporary disturbances and anxieties, the album appears as a collection of fragments of an ugly and saturated reality, whose ponderous rhythmical structures are first developed only to be deconstructed. A noisy, industrial and almost visceral music, punctuated by delicate spaces composed with excerpts of films’ atmospheres and dialogues. It is through these interludes, nearly silent in comparison to the other tracks’ frenzy, that are revealed the keys to the expression of a striking sensitivity that immerses the listener in the artist’s intimacy. Almost autobiographical, “Extase Morose” acts as a catharsis before the vertiginous lucidity of the being. A poetry of pain whose hold on the audience tightens according to the various intensities of the album, as if caught in a sonic existential crisis.