Sorted, Resorted

Sorted, Resorted
Author: Gabriel Kuri
Publisher: WIELS and Koenig Books
Language: English, Dutch, French
Pages: 152
Size: 28.5 x 25 cm
Weight: 600 g
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9783960986850
Price: €39.80
Product Description

Gabriel Kuri‘s sculptural practice is strikingly material and this book – like the exhibition at WIELS that it accompanies – adopts material as its organizing principle. It underlines the importance of sorting as a recurring thread in Kuri’s practice and then resorts his works into four categories: paper, plastic, metal, and construction materials. While this liberates the works from the dictates of chronology or narrative, it is a deliberately absurd approach to complex, conceptually – driven sculptures that are rarely made of just one element.

The publication features an introduction by senior curator Zoë Gray and an essay by art historian Cathleen Chaffee (Chief Curator, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo), and four texts exploring our material world by Brian Dillon (author, Professor of Creative Writing at Queen Mary, University of London). It is designed by OK-RM (London) and published in English with translations in French and Dutch.