A Toast to the Ghost, the Host

A Toast to the Ghost, the Host
Author: Michael Van den Abeele
Publisher: WIELS
Language: English
Pages: 38
Size: 26 x 19.5 cm
Weight: 180 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 978 90 789 3719 7
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Price: €15.00
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Product Description

“RENDER ME REAL. Millions of computers are rendering in the night; rendering everything more real, more realistic; rendering a new generation of extraterrestrials looking more real that the ones before; a new generation of dinosaurs, now feathered but covered in fur soon enough, if current rendering is done; of evil midget-like creatures; of astonishing landscapes covered with paramount super-structures and populated by the millions; a new generation of things as yet indescribable, but imperatively more real and convincing than before. The real is chased after like a deer; like the hunter that changed into a deer, now chased by his own dogs…”

Including an conversation between Michael Van den Abeele and Dennis Cooper.

Published on the occasion of Un-Scene II (exposition June 2012) at Wiels, Centre for Contemporary Art.