Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Work/Travail/Arbeid

Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, Work/Travail/Arbeid
Author: Elena Filipovic (Ed.)
Publisher: WIELS, Rosas, Mercatorfonds
Language: English
Size: 15.3 x 24.7 cm
Weight: 1.0100 kg
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780300220087
Price: €58.00
Product Description

What would it mean for choreography to perform as an exhibition? This question is the point of departure for Work/Travail/Arbeid.

The exhibition took place at WIELS over a duration of 9 weeks from March 20 to May 17, 2015, featuring the original and most extensive version of the project. All subsequent versions are conceived to be exhibited for a duration of 9 days, with an exhibition choreography specifically devised and composed for the concrete spaces of other museum venues.

Volume #1:
Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker
Rosas & Ictus

Volume #2
Vortex Temporum
Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker / Rosas / Ictus

Volume #3
Bojana Cvejic
André Lepecki
Brian Dillon
Catherine Wood
Douglas Crimp

Volume #4
Anne van Aerschot
Babette Mangolte
Herman Sorgeloos