Flying Ducks

Flying Ducks
Author: Melly
Publisher: Where To Now?
Size: 31.5 x 31.5 cm
Weight: 250 g
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Product Description

Where To Now? Records are proud to present the debut 12” from Dublin based Melly. On ‘Flying Ducks’ Melly gives us four varied cuts that showcase his unique and unrestricted style of body music beautifully.

On ‘Skip Fire’ Melly takes sinister raves sounds and fires them across a core of ever intensifying percussion. The drums, with their apparent simplicity and almost swaggering or brutishly insistent presence, become a powerful statement. When placed amid elements more readily associated with techno / hardcore we are invited to enjoy a, perhaps, more rudimentary sounding form of rhythmic embellishment, but one that becomes just as deep, complex and intrinsic to the composition's power. The roaring percussion morphs into a sustained and highly pressured pulse … The sirens sound, bodies assemble, the firing range begins, melee ensues.

The title track ‘Flying Ducks’ comes across like a reflection on an attempted aura of organisation and calm amid a scene of chaos. Much like the assumed title association of the duck presumably struggling in flight, v-shaped and temporarily structured, battling against the tumultuousness force of nature… perhaps. The beat threading it's way through the track guides us through a seemingly spontaneous and ever present soundscape that calls to mind the crepuscular canopy of an imagined digital rainforest with all its strange interjections and growing chorus of unique voices. Throughout this track, and the whole record infact, Melly’s sound takes on an almost Post-Punk/Minimal wave edge that also completely embraces the level of experimentation and universal musical influence associated with that era.

On hand to assist in remixing ‘Skip Fire’ into a ferocious dancefloor destroyer is friend and fellow Dubliner Lumigraph (Mister Saturday Night, Opal Tapes, Major Problems), moulding the roaring percussion into a complete blaze of fury, demolishing everything it touches whilst still holding close a deep low end groove. A woozy synth line eases the pressure at times, but after every break the fire returns with further intensity and rage.

Melly rounds things off with ‘Windproof’. The strutting pulse returns but this time concerns are certainly centred more on experiments in bass and timbre rather than an all out exploratory descent into controlled chaos. Coming across like a lost On-U-Sound cut, ‘Windproof’ allows itself the space to explore dubbed out ghostly sonars, radiophonic transmissions, and haunted rewinds.
released May 6, 2016

Sleeve image by Martin Groch.
Design by Studio of the Immaculate Heart.
Mastered by Rupert Clervaux.