Best Books 2009 - Mapping the library

Best Books 2009 - Mapping the library
Author: Various
Publisher: Werkplaats Typografie
Pages: 64
Size: 29.8 x 42cm
Weight: 250 g
Binding: -
ISBN: 9789491003011
Price: €10.00
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Concept and supervised by: Experimental Jetset
Contributions: Simone Koller, Lidia Wilkosz, Ines Cox, Astrid Seme, Gregory Dapra, Hyo-Jung Kwon & Lu Liang, Stephen Serrato, Anna Haas, Marc Hollenstein, Julie Van Severen, Joris Van Aken, Boris Van den Eynden, Dries Wiewauters, Isabelle Vaverka, Annett Hoeland, Goda Budvytyte