Jurriaan Schrofer

Jurriaan Schrofer
Author: Frederike Huygen
Publisher: valiz
Language: english
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ISBN: 9789078088707
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Product Description

Jurriaan Schrofer (1926-1990) was one of the defining figures in the field of graphic design in the Netherlands after the War. He practiced all genres, from PR-brochures to house styles and from magazines to advertising and alphabets and is regarded as a pioneer in the field of photo books. One of his distinctive characteristics was that he positioned himself as a director. He liked to be in charge, involved himself in policymaking and strategy and manifested himself as a writer and a critic. Within the Dutch Association of Graphic Designers he dedicated himself to professionalize the field of graphic design. Schrofer’s adventurous temperament, slightly dissident attitude and intellectual stance often gave rise to debate. Contrary to many of his colleagues, he had no aversion to advertising. During the 1970s, Schrofer emerged as a spatial designer and got very involved with government art policy and environmental art. In his work he experimented with the spatiality of the flat surface and of letters and signs, in advance of the possibilities that computers would later offer. | more This monograph follows Schrofer’s career in a number of thematic chapters: PR-brochures for companies, photo books, cultural assignments, advertising, spatial work and art policy, education, letter experiments and art works. The various genres he practiced, the different roles he played and the worlds that the ever curious Schrofer explored serve as a guideline for putting his positions and activities into context.