TrueBlock 2nd edition - Peelable Sapphics

TrueBlock 2nd edition - Peelable Sapphics
Author: Madeleine Braun, Parker Menzimer
Publisher: Ugly Duckling Presse
Language: English
Size: 28 x 21.5
Weight: 140 g
Binding: -
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Product Description

TrueBlock was designed and hand-stitched by poets Madeline Braun and Parker Menzimer at Ugly Duckling Press in Brooklyn, New York. The book investigates the legacy of the Greek poet Sappho, whose lyric verse has come down through history in short, incomplete fragments. For TrueBlock, Braun and Menzimer composed six poems in Sapphic metre and then scrambled the stanzas with a computer algorithm. The resulting long poem, printed on Avery(c) TrueBlock(tm) label paper, is composed of sticker-stanzas that can be peeled out and remixed within the book; alternately, the stanzas can be placed in the environment as graffiti, decontextualizing and transforming them into poetic interventions. The text’s mutability nods to the uncertain and ever-changing status of Sappho’s “canon,” and engages with questions of authorial intent, legibility, and the status of lyric verse in contemporary poetics.

TrueBlock 2nd edition, February 2017.
Edition of 40.