I haven't been everywhere but it's ok (12" vinyl)

I haven't been everywhere but it's ok (12" vinyl)
Author: Michael Bodenmann + Bit-Tuner
Publisher: tria publishing platform
Language: Chinese, English
Pages: -
Size: 31.5 x 31.2 cm
Weight: 360 g
Binding: -
ISBN: 9783906899060
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Price: €28.00
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Product Description

This record is released on the occasion of the exhibition “I haven’t been everywhere but it’s ok” at LAB47, Beijing November 2015. On opening night visitors gathered on Bodenmann’s “Flat Fantasy Landscapes” listening to the atmospheric sound performance produced by Bit-Tuner that evening. The 45 min sound-piece became part of the installation after its opening, then only accessible from the outside of the glass door. Sound fragments that are reminiscent of that heard in waiting rooms or elevators were mixed with synth sounds and beats. These places of transition are characterized by their state of waiting to arrive. “Flat Fantasy Landscapes” together with the ambient soundscape created a feeling of anticipation and longing. The “Flat Fantasy Landscapes” are small plasticine sculptures that were made during a stay in Iceland the same year, scanned and fitted to a print covering the entire floor. This publication includes a recording of the live-performance by Bit-Tuner on opening night, a reproduction of Bodenmann´s Fantasy Landscapes and record sleeve with text.