Blaze Colour Burn (Fiepblatter Cat. #1) - 12" vinyl

Blaze Colour Burn (Fiepblatter Cat. #1) - 12" vinyl
Author: Jan St. Werner
Publisher: Thrill Jockey
Language: -
Size: 31 x 31 cm
Weight: 200 g
Binding: -
ISBN: 790377033816
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Price: €15.99
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Product Description

Boomkat review:

Arch electronic experimenter Jan St. Werner of Mouse on Mars initiates Thrill Jockey's Fiebplatter series with a suite of abstract yet emotive compositions melding elements of jazz and electro-acoustic concrète with avant-garde strategy. It's a further flung sound than any of us have heard from his diverse work in Mouse On Mars, Lithops or the Von Sudenfed trio with Mark E Smith, among others, working to an idea that "the Fiebplatter catalogue series is not a band or composer concept but a re-treasuring of musical material displaying a parallel view on sound and musical structures." In this sense he's divining a meeting place between "popular" and "academic" musics, deconstructing avant-garde abstraction with an instinctive, lyrical feel for melody and harmony, whilst rendering noirish jazz and free rock structures stranger with cutting edge technical expertise. Great stuff.