The Wire #364

The Wire #364
Author: Chris Bohn (Ed.)
Publisher: The Wire
Language: English
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Ben Frost
The Australian composer combines elemental harshness and emotional heft in music designed to overwhelm. By Dan Barrow

The electric music hall
Theatrical inventions of the Victorian era rewrite the history of electronic music. By Dan Wilson

Orphy Robinson
Philip Clark meets the multifaceted vibraphone player and purveyor of archaic
Nubian stepdub


Golden Teacher
Glasgow group’s ecstatic dance lessons go on all night. By Robert Barry

Franck Vigroux
The French composer and audiovisual artist curates hybrid festivals. By Brian Morton

If Wet…
Sonic inventors go wild in the country with a village hall tour. By Emily Bick

Hailu Mergia
Ethio-funk veteran joins forces with Berlin improvisors. By Daniel Spicer

Collateral Damage
New field recordists put themselves in the sonic frame. By Salomé Voegelin

Global Ear Rome
Joseph Stannard learns the secrets of Italian occult psychedelia

Cross Platform Takashi Makino
The Japanese film maker layers sound and celluloid in hypnotic rhythms. By Nick Cain

Invisible Jukebox Mike Heron
The Incredible String Band originator unpeels the layers of The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Alex Neilson

The Inner Sleeve
Grouper’s Liz Harris on The Dead C’s Hell Is Now Love/Bone

Val Wilmer hears a street corner soul testimony

Print Run
New music books: the dub diaspora, John McLaughlin, David Grubbs on avant garde records

On Screen
New films and DVDs: Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton: This Is Stones Throw Records

On Site
Recent exhibitions: Chris Marker in London

On Location
Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Dean Blunt, Sonic Protest, Bristol New Music and more

Soundcheck A–Z
Marshall Allen & Kash Killion
Marisa Anderson
Black Bananas
Ari Brown
Martin & Eliza Carthy
Tom Chang
John Chantler
Charcoal Owls
Loren Connors
Diamond Version
Kahil El’Zabar’s Ritual Trio
Jad Fair & Danielson
Fhloston Paradigm
John Frusciante
Fareed Haque
Robert Hood
Zbigniew Karkowski & Brian O’Reilly
Kasai Allstars
Steve Lehman Octet
Mica Levi
Samara Lubelski
Meridian Brothers
Madalyn Merkey
Monkey Puzzle Trio
Opera Mort
Buzz Osbourne
The Pheromoans
Richard Pinhas & Tatsuya Yoshida
Singing Bowl Orchestra
Joane Skyler
Soft Pink Truth
Sonido Gallo Negro
Iñigo Ugarteburu
US Maple
Various Hyperdub 10
We Will Fail
Wild Rumpus
Creative Music Studio
Jean Dubuffet & Ilhan Mimaroğlu
Kenny Graham
Jon Hassell
Billy Jenkins
Ingram Marshall
Joe McPhee
Médico Doktor Vibes
Roy Montgomery
Annette Peacock
Rudimentary Peni
Max Tundra
Various Calypso: Musical Poetry In The Caribbean 1955–1969
Various Happy Machine: Standard Music Library 1970–2010
Peter Zummo