The Wire #361

The Wire #361
Author: Chris Bohn (Ed.)
Publisher: The Wire
Language: English
Size: 28.1 x 23.1 cm
Weight: 225 g
Binding: Softcover
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Price: €7.00
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Product Description

Darren Cunningham’s soundworld filters South London angst and atmos into abstract private dance music. By Derek Walmsley

Jandek Redux
Following last month’s epic interview with the Corwood Industries enigma, David Keenan continues his search for the riddle wrapped in the mystery

The Primer Steve Lacy
A user’s guide to the avant jazz strategies, soprano sax chirps and wayward art song of one of improvised music’s great iconoclasts. By Michael E Veal

Invisible Jukebox Ellen Fullman
The long string composer gets tangled up in The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Geeta Dayal

Cosmic music from the Manc street preachers. By Abi Bliss

Laying pipe bombs underneath Chicago house structures. By Rory Gibb

Continuous Tone
David Blamey’s conceptual 12" series. By Adrian Shaughnessy

Beatriz Ferreyra
Pierre Schaeffer’s former assistant makes her own dynamic audio. By Robert Barry

Global Ear Kuala Lumpur
Crate digging culture is transforming Malaysia’s musical output. By Chris Menist

Cross Platform Arcadia
William Basinski’s Brooklyn performance art paradise regained. By Jim Haynes

The Inner Sleeve
Test Dept’s Paul Jamrozy on Górecki’s Symphony No 3

Carla Bozulich recalls a reluctant parting with Billie Holiday’s Lady Sings The Blues

Print Run
New music books: 8 Assimilate: A Cultural History Of Industrial Music by S Alexander Reed
Earth Sound Earth Signal: Energies And Earth Magnitude In The Arts by Douglas Kahn
How To Know: Spirit Music – Crazy Wisdom, Shamanism And Trips To The Black Sky by Ken Hyder
Lieder, Zeichen, Forschungen by Die Welttraumforscher
Singing From The Floor: A History Of British Folk Clubs by JP Bean

On Screen
The Stuart Hall Project DVD

On Site
Brazil: Arte/Musica, Warsaw, Poland

On Location
Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: 84 Steve Gunn & Band, Cafe Oto, London, UK
Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Huddersfield, UK
Karenn + Midland + Sunil Sharpe + Surgeon, London, UK
Sound Art China, West Bund, Shanghai, China
Vessel + Giant Swan + H + Oliver Wilde, Bristol, UK
Jennifer Walshe + Richard Skelton + Rie Nakajima + Line Lapelyte, Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, UK

Soundcheck A–Z
Ignacio Agrimbau
Marc Almond
Henry Collins
Anat Ben-David
Carla Bozulich
Seth Cooke
Alan Courtis & BJ Nilsen
Martin Creed
Peter Cusack
Devin, Gary And Ross
Morton Feldman
Ernest Gibson
Keiji Haino
Russell Haswell
Christoph Heemann/Timo Van Luijk/Limpe Fuchs
Hollywood Dream Trip
Anne Hytta
Ignatz & Harris Newman
Stefan Jaworzyn
Cathy Lane
Dominic Lash/Will Montgomery
Love Cult Take Druss
Linda Perhacs
Pulsinger & Fennesz
Sabbath Assembly
Akira Sakata & Giovanni Di Domenico
John Sinclair
Sun Araw
Ryo Takematsu
Under The Hills And Nearby
Various From Another World: A Tribute To Bob Dylan
Various Ftarri Collection
Christian Wolfarth

The Columns

Size Matters

The Boomerang A–Z

Steve Maxwell Von Braund
David First
Bob Frank
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Clifford Jordan
Nine Inch Nails
One Of You
Ti Paris
Various Deep Shadows: Musics Of Indochina And Indonesia 1920s–40s
Various Hata Unacheza: Sub-Saharan Acoustic Guitar And String Music Circa 1960s
Various Love Is A One-Way Traffic: Groovy East Asian Chicks 1960s–70s
Various No One Cares: International 78 rpm Discs Circa 1912–55
Various The Organisation Of Pop: 30 Years Of Zang Tuum Tumb
Various Studio One Rocksteady: Rocksteady, Soul And Early Reggae At Studio One
Various To Drive Away The Vampires: Balkan Folk Musics 1930s–70s
Various Wandering Stars: Songs From Gimpel’s Lemberg Yiddish Theatre 1906–1910
Various Zang Tuum Tumb: The Art Of The 12” Volume Three
Peter Walker