The Wire #358

The Wire #358
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Publisher: The Wire
Language: English
Pages: 98
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Weight: 225 g
Binding: Softcover
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Demdike Stare
The Manchester duo mine music, machines and myths from the past to create uncanny club tracks and imaginary film soundtracks. By Joseph Stannard

Greg Tate clears the new age fog around the zither master and Eno collaborator to uncover a musician deeply rooted in African-American mystical traditions

Heatsick + Helm
Luke Younger and Steven Warwick have morphed from contrary noise duo Birds Of Delay into creators of mutant house and industrial soundscapes. By Louis Pattison

Invisible Jukebox Maria Chavez
The New York turntablist scratches the surface of The Wire’s mystery record selection. Tested by Kurt Gottschalk

I Dream Of Wires
A new film documents the modular synth resurgence. By Mark Pilkington

Dot Wiggin
The Shaggs’ singer and guitarist goes solo. By Byron Coley

The expanded Montreal ensemble record their Istanbul impressions. By Clive Bell

Tokyo based expats release electronic music for world citizens. By Chal Ravens

Collateral Damage
Beware of funding bodies and academics bearing gifts, their offers of support have hidden agendas, says Sam Richards

Global Ear Western Russia
Jon Marshall departs from Moscow in search of the no-audience underground

Cross Platform Robert Beatty
The Hair Police musician and sleeve artist’s work also spans videos, installations and film soundtracks. By Nick Cain

The Inner Sleeve
Joe McPhee on his own Nation Time

Joe Mansfield on the disco staple that inspired him to dig deeper for sampling gold

Print Run
New music books: Teach Me To Be A Summer’s Morning: A Portrait Of Lal Waterson edited by Marry Waterson; Women Singers In Global Contexts edited by Ruth Hellier; The Riot Grrrl Collection edited by Lisa Darms; Signifiying Rappers: Rap And Race In The Urban Present by David Foster Wallace & Mark Costello; Third Street Blockade: Miles In The Corridor by Penny Rimbaud; The Fierce Urgency Of Now: Improvisation, Rights And The Ethics Of Cocreation by Ajay Heble, Daniel Fischlin & George Lipsitz

On Screen
New films and DVDs: Sven-Åke Johansson’s Filme 1, and Ingram Marshall & Jim Bengston’s Alcatraz

On Site
Recent exhibitions and installations: Soundings and Gretchen Bender

On Location
Recent festivals, gigs and clubs: Otomo Yoshihide, Cafe Oto, UK; Ostrava Days, Ostrava, Czech Republic; Incubate, Tilburg, The Netherlands; Howlround + Oscillatorial Binnage, London, UK; Tusk, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK; Barbara Morgernstern/Macio Moretti + Warszawska Orkiestra Rozrywkowa, Warsaw, Poland

Soundcheck A–Z

Chalachew Ashenati & Ilita Band
Bass Clef
Sam Binga
Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy
Dale Cornish
Danny And The Nightmares
Kirk DeGiorgio
Tashi Dorji
Ephel Duath
Luke Fowler
David Greenberger And Shaking Ray Levis
Jan Jelinek
Bahru Kegne
Andrew Kötting & Jem Finer
Graham Lambkin & Jason Lescalleet
Max Loderbauer
Marcus Maeder
R Millis
Midnight Doctors
NNN Cook
Nurse With Wound
Orkestar Gradovi Utočišta
Part Pelt Wild Gate
Shit And Shine
Soft Focus
Some Truths
Jimi Tenor featuring Impostor Orchestra
Valerio Tricoli
Simon Fisher Turner
Various Deeya Presents Iranian Woman
Various Sounds Of Silence
Dot Wiggin Band

The Boomerang

Eduard Artemiev
Patrick Cowley
Thomas Dinger
Roscoe Mitchell Quartet
Tony Oxley
Mike Ratledge
Irmin Schmidt
Spontaneous Music Ensemble
John Stevens’ Away
Dino Valente
Various Bang The Box! The (Lost) Story Of AKA Dance Music Chicago 1987–88
Various I Am The Center: Private Issue New Age In America, 1950–1990
Various Kill Yourself Dancing: The Story Of Sunset Records Inc Chicago 1985–88
Various New Orleans Funk 3: Two-Way-Pock-Away, Gumbo Ya-Ya, And The Mardi Gras Mambo
Various The Rise And Fall Of Paramount Records 1917-1932 Volume 1
Various Terry Farley Presents Acid Rain: Definitive Original Acid And Deep House 1985–1991
Various Traxbox
Robert Wyatt