No Regrets . Writings on Scott Walker

No Regrets . Writings on Scott Walker
Author: Rob Young
Publisher: The Wire
Language: English
Pages: 320
Weight: 496 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9781409102731
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Product Description

Scott Walker’s long and diverse career, spanning almost half a century and including massive hits such as ‘The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore’ and ‘Make It Easy On Yourself’, is also one of the strangest life stories in pop music. In this collection of newly commissioned writings on the music, life and cultural importance of Scott Walker, some of the finest music writers and critics working today explain how the smash-hit teen idol of the 1960s progressed via the dark side of showbusiness to compose, in his later years, a string of uncompromising and cutting edge music that reflects the horror and torment of the modern world.

No Regrets covers Scott Walker’s entire career. It features 30th Century Man director Stephen Kijak on filming Scott; David Toop and Chris Sharp ponder The Drift; Nina Power, Derek Walmsley, Damon Krukowski and Brian Morton consider Scott’s other solo albums; while Amanda Petrusich journeys through his mid-seventies ‘country’ records. Ian Penman meditates upon the reluctant TV star; David Stubbs looks at his soundtrack and choreography work; and Biba Kopf and Anthony Reynolds reassess the Walker Brothers, while Rob Young contributes a biographical overview.

Overturning myths and getting to the heart of Walker’s incredible diverse body of recorded work, No Regrets is the most incisive study yet of this great American artist and iconic vocalist.