THE SEEN - Issue 09

THE SEEN - Issue 09
Author: Stephanie Cristello (Ed.)
Language: English
Pages: 172
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Table of contents / boiler plate below:
THE SEEN, Chicago’s International Journal of Contemporary & Modern Art, features in-depth writing on exhibitions, as well as highlight essays, artist profiles, and reviews.
Born out of a need for international art criticism within the city and context of Chicago’s thriving art scene, THE SEEN was founded in 2013 by Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Cristello, and has expanded to become the only Chicago-based exclusive contemporary art criticism journal now to be distributed in museums across Europe and the United States. With a network of Staff Writers reporting from around the world, THE SEEN features exclusive pieces and new commissions on the best in international contemporary art, with special edition inserts that meld the art object and the printed page.

The cover of Issue 09 features a detail of an installation by Danish artist Stine Deja in collaboration with Marie Munk, entitled Synthetic Seduction (2019). The work explores how technology strives to bridge the gulf of the uncanny valley (the notion that humanoid objects that appear almost, but not exactly, like real human beings) to make personal devices as life-like as possible.

Letter From The Editor

Issue 09 // Letter From The Editor
By Stephanie Cristello


Eight Views On Opera: Bel Canto Contemporary Art & Opera // Site Santa Fe
By Caroline Picard

Rand/Goop: Mary Reid Kelley And Patrick Kelley // Studio Voltaire
By Claire Phillips

Sex: Anne Imhof // The Art Institute Of Chicago
By Jill Danto

Tending A Public: Counterpublic Triennial // St. Louis
By Joel Kuennen

Mr. Peanut Runs For Mayor: Image Bank // Kw Institute For Contemporary Art Berlin
By Julianne Cordray

Special Edition Inserts

A Virtual Rose: Stine Deja // Profile Of The Artist
By Stephanie Cristello

The Sirens Volume I
By Ruslana Lichtzier And Shana Hoehn


On The Death Of Camp
By Mayne

Walks To The Paradise Garden: A Lowdown Southern Odyssey // A Reexamination Of Self-Taught Artists In The American South
By Ryan Filchak

Slow Cinema // For An Overthrow Of Horology
By Minh Nguyen

In Sickness And In Health
By Gabrielle Welsh

Hidden In Plain Sight // Ilya And Emilia Kabakov
By Jill Silverman Van Coenegrachts

I Can't Imagine Ever Wanting To Be White: On Agency And Social Practice // The Whitney Biennial Then And Now
By Noah Hanna

The Institute Of Complex Systems: Neïl Beloufa // Profile Of The Artist
By Guillaume Désanges

In Advance Of An Archive
By Patrick J. Reed

— Notes On Venice —

The Privilege Of Proximity // Venice Biennale's Sinking Ship
By Rashayla Marie Brown

Gathered On This Beach: Sun & Sea // Lithuanian Pavilion
By Natalie Hegert

Sean Edwards: Undo Things Done // Collateral Event Of Wales
By Anne Searle Jones

Larissa Sansour: Heriloom // Pavilion Of Denmark
By Dr. Kostas Prapoglou


Rosalind Nashashibi: Deep Redder // Secession, Vienna
By Fanny Hauser

Sonics And Politics: Samson Young // Smart Museum Of Art
By Elliat Albrecht

Utopian Blind Spots: Assaf Evron // Museum Of Contemporary Art Chicago
By Mk Meador

All The World In A Stage: Sara Ramo // Profile Of The Artist
By Ionit Behar

Trace Inhabitant: Rachel Rossin // In Conversation
By Caleb Mathern