the journal - entry no. 28

the journal - entry no. 28
Author: -
Publisher: Michael Nevin, Julia Dippelhofer
Language: English
Pages: 192
Size: 30 x 23.5
Weight: 1.6500 kg
Binding: Softcover
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Contributors issue 28:
Tauba Auerbach, Tim Barber, Joe Bradley, AA Bronson, Pascal Dangin, Julia Dippelhofer, Max Farago, Urs Fischer, Georg Herold, Xylor Jane, Gianni Jetzer, Leigh Johnson, Hannelore Knuts, Andrew Kuo, Dana Lixenberg, Ari Marcopolous, Daymion Mardel, Cass McCombs, Annabel Mehran, Michael Nevin, Scout Niblett, emma Reeves, Terry Richardson, Leif Ritchey, Josh Smith, Ana Steiner, Danko Steiner, Magnus Unnar, Jack Webb, Michael Williams

Includes Supplement from Urs Fischer