Notes On

Notes On
Author: Magalie Guérin
Publisher: The Green Lantern Press
Language: English
Pages: 240
Size: 22 X 13.5 cm
Weight: 380 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780988418592
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Price: €20.00
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Product Description

NOTES ON is an a-chronological studio diary that artist Magalie Guérin’s re-transcribed twice by hand and now in print. Through that active facsimile Guérin documents her painting process, mapping at once her creative history and the way that history consistently transforms. Personal, professional, and creative spheres intersect like simultaneous layers in a painting as accumulated entries capture the shifting gray area between self-doubt, self-awareness, and creative breakthrough. A recurring and parallel “character” in this journal is a hat shape—an abstract form that Guérin paints over and over again. Whether anatomical or abstract, the hat shape becomes an anthropomorphic companion as witness/lover/nemesis to Guérin’s artistic endeavors. Guérin shows us not only that a room of one‘s own is useful, but what can happen when it is utilized.

Edition of 540

March 2016