Ghost Nature

Ghost Nature
Author: Caroline Picard (Ed.)
Publisher: La Box & The Green Lantern Press
Language: English / French
Pages: 175
Size: 23 x 16.6 cm
Weight: 466 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9780988418578
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Product Description

Ghost Nature
By Timothy Morton, Graham Harman, Laurie Palmer, João Florêncio, Nettrice Gaskins, Jamila Woods, and Caroline Picard.

“Our increasing knowledge of climate change ends all kinds of ideas, but it begins other ones. The essence of these new ideas is the notion of coexistence — that is after all what ecology profoundly means,” – Timothy Morton, “Transmissions from the Uncanny Valley,” p. 20

Mice grow human ears on their backs in laboratories and rabbits glow in the dark. In this new age of ecological awareness, “Nature” as a Romantic ideal—a pristine mountainside beyond the scope of human influence—is but a dithering spirit. Rather than succumbing to the pang of this loss, GHOST NATURE exposes the limits of human perspective in the emergent landscape that remains: a slippery network of sometimes monstrous creatures, plants, and technological advances.

Published in French and English. Featuring artists Sebastian Alvarez, Art Orienté objet, Jeremy Bolen, Irina Botea, Robert Burnier, Marcus Coates, Every house has a door, Assaf Evron, Carrie Gundersdorf, Institute of Critical Zoologists, Jenny Kendler, Devin King, Stephen Lapthisophon, Milan Metthey, Rebecca Mir, Heidi Norton, Akosua Adoma Owusu, Tessa Siddle, and Xaviera Simmons.