Author: Morten Andenæs
Publisher: Teknisk Industri
Language: English, Norwegian
Pages: 352
Size: 29 x 27 cm
Weight: 2.2680 kg
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9788293281009
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Product Description

Skyldfolk is divided into nine chapters, and follows a linear progression which loosely references the move from an initial question of guilt, up through the various levels of the judicial system. The outdated Norwegian term which fronts the book is made up of the words skyld (guilt or debt), and folk (people). This literal reading, together with the narrative structure and the overarching theme of Andenæs’ project, suggests that the parameters for this volume are punishment and debt, guilt and the constraints placed on the individual by familial and societal responsibilities and expectations, as well as the ensuing violent impulses such restrictions might cause. SKYLDFOLK forces a seemingly disparate group of images together, reflecting both the susceptibility and resistance, of each single image towards becoming an integral part of a coherent whole. Here, family is seen as a constellation determined by the relationships generated between each single unit, and not necessarily a bond based on intrinsic properties. The works in this project are marked by a consistent yet undetermined point of view; the reproductions are sober and apparently neutral. In the last instance, this seeming neutrality mirrors a gaze, an attitude and a stance which tries to domesticate the world, without admitting to this motive.