Demiurge (vinyl)

Demiurge (vinyl)
Author: Emptyset
Publisher: Subtext
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Size: 31 x 31 cm
Weight: 200 g
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Product Description

Heavily inspired by Bristol's lineage of dub and system shaking sonics, Demiurge continues the project's deconstruction of the club experience and the magnification of the unplanned and unexpected textures that emerge from amplified sound. The resulting album is born from this investigative metamorphic process, the spine of rhythm scraped and exposed to extreme sonic pressure, bass music squeezed to its limits. Demiurge takes the form of a tyrannical force, an uncontainable creature of extremes, scouring the earth with shuddering footsteps. A destroyer of worlds.

Conceived in the Bristol based Multiverse studios, the album navigates the extreme interactions between electronic audio equipment. Reducing the production process down to a singular signal chain channeled into a modulated analogue hardware pipeline. Demiurge uses the framework of minimalism to build a muscular sonic fortress, a primordial machine music spawned from the echoing tunnels of Bristol's bass obsession. This is club music hitting escape velocity, a kinetic abstraction of electronics pulsating from subterranea. A sonic manifesto in which textures and impulses replace familiar 4/4 rhythmic structures, a techno pummelled from the grid and oozing out in liquid form.