Zweimal Belichtet

Zweimal Belichtet
Author: Aglaia Konrad
Publisher: Stuk Kunstencentrum.
Language: -
Size: 28 x 38 cm
Weight: 260 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €38.00
Product Description

In the context of the exhibition FRAUENZIMMER, Brussels-based artist Aglaia Konrad (°1960, Salzburg), in collaboration with the architect Kris Kimpe, created a space-filling criss-cross wall, separating the space into two different atmospheres. Konrad selected the images for the exhibition from her personal archive, which is the result of her on going interest in modernist architecture and its unusual and eccentric aspects.

On the occasion of this exhibition Aglaia Konrad created the new publication zweimal belichtet. This publication will be presented to the public on Saturday, May 11th between 5 and 8 pm in the exhibition space of STUK.

‘zweimal belichtet’ is a publication of Aglaia Konrad about (an) unconscious photography (practice), in which two extremes meet. Filmstrips, which are exposed twice, more or less coincidentally, or by accident, in random circumstances, lead to an unintended result.

The recognition of this unintended practice in a publication reflects an unknown, blind faith in the medium of photography, as if the photo-grapher and the photo-camera both look the other way, so to speak, as if the photo-graphy is acting independently. A must-see for everybody who searches for a language of images in the realm of Esperanto (hope).

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