Notes on Intra-dependant Publishing

Notes on Intra-dependant Publishing
Author: Kaiya Waerea, Sophie Paul
Publisher: Sticky Fingers Publishing
Language: English
Pages: 28
Size: 10.5 x 21 cm
Weight: 65 g
Binding: Softcover
Price: €6.00
Product Description

Notes on Intra-dependant Publishing is a gathering of fragments, etymologies, starting points, memes and conversations which gesture towards the methodologies of Sticky Fingers Publishing. This is our first attempt at such a gesture, and it seems right that such a document should be partial, full of holes, mistakes and crossings-out. This is a snapshot of a working document, one that will keep living after it’s bound and trimmed.

Sticky Fingers is an intra-dependant feminist publisher based in London. It consists of designers and writers Kaiya Waerea (she/her) & Sophie Paul (she/her).