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Publisher: Sticky Fingers Publishing
Language: English
Pages: 54
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Featuring Wes Knowler, Nick Lynch, Lydia Sviatoslavsky, Jessa Mockridge, Miriam Webster, Priyanuj, Alice Musgrove, Meech Boakye, Lagnajita Mukhopadhyay, Lou Collins, Ed Burrel, Lily Frances, Donna Marcus Duke, Kerith Manderson-Galvin, & Gloria.

Fragile, disorienting, breakable, naive, hesitant, loving, lusting, leaking, terrifying, trembling, fucking plagiarism. Writing that works through, with, or in plagiarism. Writing which explores methods of stealth, and questions ownership and permission. peaking in someone else’s voice until you find your own. Cut-ups and cut-and-pastes. Décollage. Ambient literature, writing is always re-writing, writing is DJing, sampling, mixing, repeating.

(FDBNHLLLTTF)Publications are published by designers and writers Kaiya Waerea & Sophie Paul. They are assembled through short turn around open calls bringing together fresh and messy writing concerned with de–sign, academia, art and performance.

Sticky Fingers is an intra-dependant feminist publisher based in London. It consists of designers and writers Kaiya Waerea (she/her) & Sophie Paul (she/her).