Control #17

Control #17
Author: Stephen Willats (Ed.)
Publisher: Stephen Willats
Language: English
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Product Description

Issue Seventeen, 2007

The art practices that are represented in this issue … have in their various ways centered on the issues of meaning and function, and their counter consciousness to the object, property-based determinism of prevailing contemporary culture. An important aspect to the development of the work represented in Control Magazine has been the fostering of a network of relationships between artists and their modus operandi. Central to the feedback in these relationships is the practice of explanation, thus introducing a state of mutuality, an open social network, that is a catalyst for the progression of ideas – extract from the editorial.


FrenchMottershead, 'Shops'
Jakob Jakobsen, 'Free Class, Copenhagen 2005–2006'
Dan Kidner, 'City Projects'
Langlands & Bell
Emma Hedditch, 'A Pattern: A Portable Video Camera'
Nils Norman
Miriam Steinhauser, 'On the Prowl'
Elly Clarke, 'Hackney to Siberia'
Fritz Haeg, 'Buildings, Gardens & Happenings'
Stephen Willats, 'Parallel Worlds'
Johnny Spencer, 'If I Say It’s Not Art, It’s Not Art'
Chris Hammond, 'The Disappearing Artist'