Květa Fulierová: Dolce Vita?

Květa Fulierová: Dolce Vita?
Author: Květa Fulierová, Petra Feriancová (eds.)
Publisher: Sputnik Editions
Language: English, Slovak
Size: 34 x 23.5 cm
Weight: 350 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9788097089498
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Product Description

Květa Fulierová: "The time between the year 1974 – when our first collaborative exhibitions J.K. and K.F. in the State Textile Research Institute in Bratislava took place, and the year 2006, when we exhibited together for the last time at the French Institute in Bratislava, was filled with artistic activities at our flat on Kudláková Street 5 as well as contributions to group exhibitions and completing our individual works, but also as a couple J+K. From the rich archive of photographs, articles and other documents I chose a few chapters to illustrate a shared life of two artists."

This publication arises from the fourth collaboration with Květa Fulierová and it is entirely in her dramaturgy – comprising of Květa's selection and systematization of materials from the archives relating to art works and collaborations with Julo Koller during their life together in their small home on Kudláková 5. Holidays, amateur classes, or taking care of Květa’s grandchildren are all artistic activities for J + K. Life is art. Or at least a situation. Koller poses by a statue of Božena Němcová in the courtyard in front of the exhibition hall, while Květa installs her lithographs. Květa hangings her monotypings like underwear on the balcony, while he paraphrases Filko’s White Space, or painting as such, within the frame of his housework when he paints the joints between the tiles in the bathroom white. In this book there are also other more traditional exhibitions and art events, which can be understood as a documentation of the exhibition practices, processes or inventions of that time. It spans almost twenty years, and thanks to its authentic aesthetic, information in the photographs, invitations and newspaper clippings, it forces us remember their context, which is essential to understanding the genuine value of the work of Květa Fulierová and Július Koller.