36 Views of Mt. Fuji

36 Views of Mt. Fuji
Author: Steen Bach Christensen
Publisher: Space Poetry
Language: -
Pages: 40
Size: 25 x 19
Weight: 320 g
Binding: Hardcover
Price: €19.50
Product Description

In connection with the work on the novel After Fujiyama, published in Borgens Forlag, the author and the visual artist Steen Bach Christensen stayed 4 months in Japan. Here he lived and worked in. Tokyo and the small town of Kawaguchiko at the foot of Fujiyama. One of the novel's main characters is the Japanese 18th century artist Hokusai, whose most famous series of woodcuts is also called 36 Views of Mt.Fuji or Japanese Fugaku senjurokkei.

Steen bach Christensen's series of photos, like Hokusai's woodcut, are not so much an attempt to show Fujiyama in all the greatness of showing Japan through the holy mountain-to let the mountain be the prism or filter through which we see the country. In a number of very different photos, Fujiyama appears as a mountain and as a picture, like
cake and sewer cover, such as toys and air mirrors. One place is the mountain completely disappeared in the fog, somewhere else
it just appears like a word on a bench.