South #1

South #1
Author: Marina Fokidis / Dyo Deka Ekdotiki SA
Publisher: Dyo Deka Ekdotiki SA
Language: English
Pages: 139
Size: 23x27
Weight: 580 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9772241245007
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Product Description

SOUTH magazine a new collaboration / co- publication of LifO and Kunsthalle Athena
SOUTH will be an arts and culture magazine published in Athens and distributed internationally. Possessed by a spirit of absurd authority, we will try to contaminate the prevailing culture with ideas that derive from southern mythologies such as the "perfect climate", "easy living", "chaos", "corruption", and the "dramatic temperament”, among others. Through our twisted - and "southern" – attitude..., expressed through critical essays, artist projects, interviews and features, we would like to give form to the concept of the South as a "state of mind" rather than a set of fixed places on the map. People from different - literal or metaphorical – 'Souths' will renegotiate the southern attitude, partly to define it and partly to invent it, within the post-crisis world. Opening up an unexpected dialogue among neighbourhoods, cities, regions and approaches, SOUTH will be both a magazine and a meeting point for shared intensities.

Published by: Dyo Deka Ekdotiki SA, A collaboration of LIFO free press & Kunsthalle Athena
Editor-in-Chief: Marina Fokidis
Creative Director: Yannis Karlopoulos
Editorial Team: Daphne Mangalousi, Eleanna Papathanasiadi, Angeliki Roussou, Apostolos Vasilopoulos
Editorial Consultants: Dimitris Politakis, Pablo León de la Barra
Logo Design: Angelo Plessas and Yannis Karlopoulos / collaboration