Various Artists 'In Suspense'

Various Artists 'In Suspense'
Author: Diane Dufour, Bartolome Sanson, Julie Herald (Eds.)
Publisher: Shelter Press
Language: English
Size: 19,5 x 24,5 cm
Weight: 0 g
Binding: Softcover
ISBN: 9782919430062
Price: €20.00
Product Description

Co-published with Le BAL, this book in flexible and paperback format reads like a trace of the works gathered on the occasion of the eponymous exhibition around a transient state of our time: the suspense. Between abstraction and fragility, he bypasses the idea of ​​the traditional catalog to transcribe through fine pages in black and white this intangible and indefinable state.

Bas Jan Ader
Debi Cornwall
Stéphane Degoutin & Gwenola Wagon
Luc Delahaye
Darek Fortas
Hiwa K
Aglaia Konrad
Jacques-Henri Michot
Rabih Mroué
Mélanie Pavy
Sebastian Stumpf
Paola Yacoub
Henk Wildschut

Published on the occasion of the exhibition Pending, Le Bal, Paris, February 8 - May 13, 2018