Teoria da Fala / Theory of Speech

Teoria da Fala / Theory of Speech
Author: Pedro Barateiro
Publisher: Serralves
Language: English / Portugese
Pages: 122
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Pedro Barateiro - Teoria da Fala
Catalogue of the Pedro Barateiro exhibition held at Serralves Villa, from 18 July to 27 September 2009 with texts by Pedro Barateiro, Ricardo Nicolau and Raimundas Malasauskas. The book offers a unique perspective of Serralves Villa, coordinated by this young Portuguese artist with a remarkable international career – he has participated, for example, in the most recent editions of the Sydney and Berlin Biennales. He is one of the artists who makes the greatest use of archive images in his works, including propaganda films commissioned by the Estado Novo, works on engineering, architecture, educational exhibitions, or everyday life in the colonies. The book places special attention on how documents, artifacts and art objects were presented throughout the twentieth century.