Sunsets & Other Colour Photographs

Sunsets & Other Colour Photographs
Author: Ann Woo
Publisher: Schnauzer Publications
Language: English
Pages: 6
Size: 30,5 x 23 cm
Weight: 55 g
Binding: -
ISBN: 978-0-9813947-1-8
Price: €8.50
Product Description

"Sunsets & Other Colour Photographs" by Ann Woo
Ann Woo is a photographer based in Hong Kong. “Sunsets & Other Colour Photographs” features a small collection of the artists work with a focus on her “Sunsets” series. For this project, Ann created various colour fields out of a single negative; which was originally an image of the sun setting that developed as a pure tonal gradient. The front and back covers represent the possible environments that could surround these surreal sunsets and also show the viewer how diverse Ann’s practice is. Please visit Ann’s website to learn more about her;

tri-fold | 8 colour photographs | 500 copies